Upgrade your mindset to “Product Thinking”

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  • Critique Product X — which decisions seem the most responsible for its success? Why?
  • How would you help Product X win over Audience Y if you were its leader?
  • Take Problem Z … What would you design to solve it?
  • What’s your favorite product?
  • How should Product X decide how much money to charge for Service Y?
  • How would you explain Product Z to a five-year-old?
  • Reading books about human thinking/behavior
  • Dissecting cultural phenomena through articles, discussions, blogs
  • Soliciting customer feedback in the process of building products
  • Asking others why they have the reactions they do
  1. Every week, try at least one new product, feature, or service.
  2. Every week, have at least one conversation or reflection about how a specific product decision impacts its intended audience.



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Harnoor Singh

Harnoor Singh

Data Story Teller | Data Scientist Enthusiast | Machine Learning Aspirant